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    BRAINSTREAM BeepEgg Schantall (H.Nr.A000324)

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    BRAINSTREAM BeepEgg Schantall (H.Nr.A000324)

    BeepEgg® Schantall is a funny, but precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with the real eggs. Just store the BeepEgg® together with your eggs, since both need an identical starting temperature. No matter if it is in the fridge or some shelf in the kitchen. One BeepEgg® can “monitor” as many eggs as you like during one boiling session. BeepEgg® and the real eggs have to enter water at the same time. Water "conditions” do not matter, though. BeepEgg® is neither afraid of cold, nor boiling water. Just put them in the cooking pot together, no matter at which temperature the water is (hint: if you start with cold water, you do not have to prick the eggs).

    BeepEgg® Schantall is intended for medium-hard eggs. Once yolk and egg-white have reached this degree of hardness, BeepEgg Schantall will play the tune "Ich wollt ich wär' ein Huhn". With regard to different egg sizes, the tune is repeated several times (first tune for small M-eggs, last tune for large L-eggs). BeepEgg Schantall is not intended for use with ostrich eggs or quail eggs.

    The inner high t[egg] components of BeepEgg® always work and are “Made in Germany”. This functionality, combined with a certain sense of humour, makes BeepEgg® an ideal gift for numerous occasions.


    - Egg-timer for boiling together with eggs
    - For medium-hard eggs
    - Precise boiling of eggs

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