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    What's a cookie

    A cookie marks the information that a web server sends to a browser, which in turn sends it to the web server at each subsequent logon. With cookies information is stored between a visit to the web server and the next one. In this way they facilitate the use of websites requiring frequently or repeatedly information from the user.
    Even online stores employ cookies to offer virtual shopping carts. In this way the customer can place one or more items in the cart and continue his visit on the website without having to purchase immediately and without the items stored in the cart are removed.
    Are cookies safe?

    Because you can authenticate with the password on our site, cookies are used consistently and unequivocally to recognize the user without re-entering your password to the opening of each new page. This is a safer and less complicated method than attributing to this information its own Uniform Resource Identifier (a string of symbols for unique identification), which would facilitate intruders to access to confidential and protected data.
    Using cookies enhances the security and the privacy of all users are better protected. A cookie never contains personal data.
    In order to finish your purchase, you should allow our site to use cookies.
    How do I enable cookies

    In Internet Explorer just proceed this way:
    1. In the "Tools" menu select "Internet Options"
    2. Click on the "Privacy" tab
    3. Under "Settings", click on "Default" or scroll the bar to "Medium"
    4. Click "OK"

    Please contact us if questions arise about it.
    After purchasing you can restore the previous level of security.

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