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    Fissler bionic Chef's knife 20 cm, forged, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel

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    Fissler bionic Chef's knife 20 cm, forged, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel

    The Fissler bionic chef's knife 20 cm is forged, based on the example of nature. The key lies in an observation from nature: the principle of a beaver’s tooth. Fissler has made perfect use of the extraordinary structure of the beaver’s tooth and worked hard to develop it to perfection. Fissler uses a patented technology to coat the front edge of the blade with an ultra-hard high-tech substance whose structure is similar to a diamond. The Fissler bionic knife is as robust as the tooth of a beaver. A knife forever.

    The forged Fissler bionic chef's knife 20 cm has a broad blade, ideal for manifold use in the preparation of dishes. This knife renders the weighing of herbs, cutting of meat and mincing of fruit and vegetables easy.


    - Based on example of nature, optimised and always sharp
    - Ultra-hard high tech coating, based on a patented technology
    - Nonslip ergonomic synthetic handle for a safe hold
    - Precision-forged knife, made of a special steel, resistant to corrosion
    - Produced in Solingen/Germany
    - Length of blade: 20 cm

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