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    Cream Whippers and Dispensers

    Freshness and pureness of ingredients are perhaps the most compelling reasons for using an iSi device in the preparation of whipped cream. Fresh cream from an iSi Whip contains no preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilizers, so it is completely natural in every way.

    The iSi range offers the optimal product for each application. The EASY WHIP whippers are destined for the preparation of cream. The series CREATIVE WHIP, GOURMET WHIP PLUS and THERMO WHIP PLUS are furthermore appropriate for preparing espumas, cold or warm sauces, and light desserts. By the aid of THERMO WHIP PLUS you can keep food warm or cold.  

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    7 Item(s)

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    Here you will find the instructions for use:

    1. Fill the iSi dispenser (max. filling volume is 1 litre)

    2. Insert the iSi cream charger in the charger holder. The iSi system guarantees the highest quality. Use only original iSi cream chargers with your iSi devices.

    3. Screw on the iSI cream charger with the charger holder.

    4. Shake the device vigorously (fresh cream 3 x, light/UHT cream with minimum fat content > 30 % up to 10  x), remove the charger holder, dispose of the empty charger.

    5. Place the device "headfirst" (decorator tip vertical) and dispense portion by portion - no shaking in between! Food remains cool for up to 8 hours, warm up to 3 hours.

    6. Cold food can be recooled in the iSi Thermo Whip Plus over night, lying down in the refrigerator.