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    KitchenAid mixer attachment pack with grinder, mincer, slicer, shredder and strainer

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    KitchenAid mixer attachment pack with grinder, mincer, slicer, shredder and strainer
    This mixer attachment pack lets you slice and shred firm fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheese. You can also use it to grind and season meats, and strain fruits and vegetables for sauces. Includes the food grinder (FGA), the slicer/shredder (MVSA) and the fruit/vegetable strainer (FVSP).

    The KitchenAid cone slicer/shreder is for slicing and shredding root and raw green vegetables, potatoes, onions, cheese, various kinds of fruits, nuts and chocolate for toppings. Comes with: medium and coarse shredding drums and a slicing drum.

    The KitchenAid food grinder attachment for use with the KitchenAid mixer makes light work of mincing or grinding meat, fish, vegetables,dried bread,firm fleshed fruit and cheese. It helps in the preparing of meat loaves, spreads, breadcrumbs and many tasty dishes.

    The KitchenAid fruit and vegetable strainer is ideal for pureeing soft fruits and cooked vegetables. It not only strains the food to a puree, it also separates any pips, stems or skins, saving hours of food preparation.

    All 3 attachments are white and dishwasher safe.

    The set includes:

    - Slicer/Shredder attachment
    - one drum for medium shredding
    - one drum for coarse shredding
    - one drum for slicing
    - Grinder
    - self sharpening stainless steel blades
    - 2 grinding plates
    - food stomper
    - wrench
    - fruit and vegetable strainer

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    Customer Reviews

    Review by pierrette lejeune
    L'utilisation du tranchoir à légumes est facile et le nettoyage est aisé. Ce n'est plus une corvée de raper une grosse quantité. De plus le plateau de légumes rapés ravit les invités.
    Grâce à la passoire, un coulis est vite réalisé.
    Le problème des petits pépins ne se pose plus.
    Je suis convaincue que ce set est indispensable lorsque l'on cuisine déjà pour une petite famille (Posted on 22/06/2010)
      [5 of 5 Stars]

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