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    Knives, Scissors, Shears, Accessories

    Whether meat, vegetables, fruit, fish and herbs, each day we cut food, for which we need the right and matching cutting tools. Our numerous range of different knives won't let you down for sure. You can find here various kinds of knives such as utility knives, chef's knives, meat knives, paring knives or mincing knives as well as everything serving all your needs and each application! Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose between stainless steel, Damascus steel, special steel or ceramic. And to help achieving the storage and also to take care of your favourite knives, we also introduce in our shop various blades accessories and different ways of knife storage.

    Wide range
    For several foods and purposes there are plenty of knives in different versions. Before buying a knife you should think about why and for which purpose you need a knife.
    Do you need a knife for everyday use? Should it be dedicated to meat or fish? Or should the knife have a multitude of applications?
    Chef's knives for example have a long wide blade and are suitable for cutting fish, meat or vegetables.
    Peeling and chopping fruit or vegetables works best with a vegetable or paring knife. The blade of the vegetable knife is bent, so that the knife perfectly adapts to round shapes.
    The serrated edge of the bread knife is used to prevent bread from cracking. This knife is ideal for cutting pies, cakes, bread and other hard or crusty foods.
    In the end the choice is yours, for which knife you will opt. However, no doubt you will find the right one for you!

    Many knife manufacturers
    If you are looking for a high-quality knife for your own kitchen or want to make a nice gift to a professional hobby cook, please check here about the right one.
    The Fissler knife series profession, perfection and passion feature optimal sharpness, functionality and safety and satisfy high and optically highest standards.
    The knife series of KAI are shapely and very convenient, combine perfect design and modern technology with a touch of Far Eastern food culture.
    The independent family company Victorinox produces and sells to date household and professional knives worldwide. Each product is the expression of Swiss quality and inventiveness.
    Here you will find a wide range of knives for daily and professional use.