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    BODUM® - visionary innovation for more than 70 years

    “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive” – Peter Bodum.

    BODUM®, a family owned company, was founded in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Peter Bodum. The founder succeeded in positioning BODUM® internationally already in the 1960’s owing to his unique concept: development of products, which consistently pay tribute to functionality, quality and affordability.

    At BODUM®’s early stage, the founder recognized the importance of industrial design and this visionary approach laid the groundwork for what BODUM® stands for today.

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    In 1974, the 26-year-old Jørgen Bodum, the founder’s son, took over the BODUM® company with the ambition of respecting BODUM®’s traditions and creative work with visionary ideas.

    In 1978 the new CEO Jørgen Bodum, moved the company to Switzerland to strategically locate BODUM® in central Europe.

    In 1980, Jørgen Bodum established BODUM®’s design unit, PI-Design. With an in-house team of designers, engineers, graphic designers, and architects, BODUM® has been developing their own product design ever since - paying homage to BODUM®’s tradition of functionality and quality but with a focus on innovation. 6 years later the opening of BODUM®’s first shop in London marked another milestone in BODUM® history.

    In 1991 the ASSAM teapot was developed for the British Tea Council. With the ASSAM, BODUM® reinvented tea brewing. BODUM® had applied the same principles from the French coffee press system to tea brewing: a brewing process in a spacious filter easily stoppable by pressing down a plunger. Since 1974 BODUM® has produced more than 100 million of French coffee presses and 30 million teapots.

    In 2003, the Swedish company Ordning & Reda became a part of BODUM® group.