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    The new generation of Fissler pans. Better frying with system.

    HERE you will find our recommendations for maintenance and frying with the new Fissler pans.

    The Fissler frying system is based on the philosophy of 2 pans:

    crispy & protect and makes frying right, simply right.        

    The right pan for every dish      
    A crispy pan, made of stainless steel, can be heated to very high temperatures without warping. They lie absolutely flat on the burner and distribute the heat evenly. This means that meat will turn out beautifully crisp on the outside and totally tender inside. The crispy pans are ideal for fast searing of meat or poultry. A nonstick sealed protect pan is ideal for gentle frying and for all foods that tend to stick (f. i. eggs or fish). This will ensure that these delicate foods are prepared in a way that is gentle and healthy. Two pans, a necessity for every kitchen!

    The right material for every challenge   
    steelux stands for stainless steel pans, alux for aluminum cast pans and emax for enamelled pans.

    The right equipment for every budget        
    The new assortment of pans is offered in the alternative versions premium and comfort.

    Special pans    
    Fissler now has launched the new assortment of special pans for creative ideas and professional chefs. Six new pans have been developed under the heading special.

    Fissler further offers practical accessories for the perfect preparation of food.

    Besides Fissler offers complementary pans for the leading premium series such as original-profi collection®, magic, intensa und solea®. available either with nonstick sealing or with a frying surface made of stainless steel.

    In order to facilitate the purchase decision, in connection with the hotplate used, we are giving you below a listing of the diameters at bottom of Fissler pans.

    Pan 20 cm: Diameter at bottom 14,5 cm
    Pan 24 cm: Diameter at bottom 18,0 cm
    Pan 26 cm: Diameter at bottom 18,0 cm
    Pan 28 cm: Diameter at bottom 22,0 cm

    Here you will find the whole Fissler range!