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    crispy pans

    The crispy stainless steel pans are the specialists for crisp frying of meat and poultry.

    Fissler pan series crispy

    A Fissler crispy stainless steel pan is ideal for quick browning of meat or poultry.

       Ideal for quick browning
    Fissler crispy stainless steel pans are ideal for quick browning. The high-quality 18/10 stainless steel can be heated to a high temperature, which means the steaks develop a nice crust and remain juicy inside.

    Steaks with grill effect
    The Fissler steelux premium and steelux comfort pans with the novogrill frying surface are very well-suited for low-fat, crisp frying with a grill effect. The induction-compatible bases of the two pans can be used on all stove types and distribute the heat evenly.
      Extremely durable
    The Fissler crispy pans of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel are extremely durable, almost indestructible, and naturally dishwasher-proof.  

    Spilling liquids is a thing of the past
    The practical pouring rim prevents dripping and spilling. It ensures the liquid ends up where it should be when it is poured.

    Safety handle with heat shield
    Fissler crispy pans lie perfectly in your hand and offer protection from heat, because your fingers are stopped from slipping. The safety handle's hook-in function enables the clippix spatter shield and the quality glass lid to be hooked in.

    Integrated scale
    It is suitable for measuring liquids correctly, and also for checking when boiling down sauces.