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    protect pans

    You will find a summary of Fissler pans and their functions below.

    Fissler pan series protect

    A Fissler nonstick sealed protect pan is ideal for light, gentle frying and for all foods that tend to stick, such as eggs or fish.

       Guaranteed healthy
    The pan for health-conscious frying: light, gentle and fat-free. The protect pans guarantee that you fry egg dishes and fish successfully.

    Perfect coating
    You have the choice. Protect pans are available with the innovative coating Protectal Plus for optimal nonstick effects or with the reliable Secural coating which has proven its quality millions of time.
      The right base
    The bases of the protect pans ensure optimal heat absorption, distribution and storage and also save energy. A suitable base which is tailored perfectly to the material the pan is made of is available for every stove.

    Simply practical
    The pouring rim of the emax pans (alux pans have no pouring rim) makes it possible: you will never spill liquids again, and the kitchen will remain clean. The integrated scale is even more practical. It enables you to measure liquids simply and exactly.
    The safety handle protects against heat and lies perfectly in your hand, because your fingers are stopped from slipping. The high-quality eyelet for hanging up the pan is particularly practical.

    Extras for you
    The ideal addition to the pan: our range of accessories. Matching glass or stainless steel lid, a universal, hook-in spatter shield and a special turner for coated pans.