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    Recommendations for Maintenance and Frying with Fissler Pans

    Frying properly. Simply properly - Recommendations for Use of Pans
    Whether for crisp meat or tender fish - with crispy, the new stainless steel pans for quick browning, and protect, the new nonstick sealed pans for light, gentle frying, you have the appropriate solutions for every challenge.

    Gentle frying

    Nonstick sealed protect pans as f. i. protect emax premium (best in test of enamelled pans by Stiftung Warentest 01/2008) or protect alux premium are particuly suited for foods that tend to stick, such as egg dishes, fried potatoes, breaded food, rice, pasta, vegetables etc.

    Recommendations for gentle frying

    1. Smear pan with fat/oil (apply 3 - 4 drops to a paper towel)
    2. Heat to medium heat (2/3 oven maximum). Never heat the pan to the maximum temperature.
    3. If necessary add a little more fat/oil to the pan (this is the flavour carrier for the fried food).
    4. Add the food to be fried to the pan and fry it brown on all sides.

    Gentle for your favourite dishes

    After frying, simply rinse it with hot running water or wipe it clean with a paper towel. To ensure a longer service life, please do not clean with cleaning agents which scratch or chafe, nor in the dishwasher. Smear the pan with a little cooking oil from time to time.

    Quick browning

    Stainless steel pans of the series crispy steeelux are ideal for preparing unbreaded meat such as steaks, chicken escallops, skewers, natural chops etc.

    The proper way to fry unbreaded meat

    1. Heat the pan to medium heat without fat/oil (2/3 oven maximum).
    2. Wait about 3 - 4 minutes.
    3. Water drop test - Use your fingers to flick a little cold water into the pan. If the drops of water remain crystal clear and move around the pan, it is at
        the correct temperature.
        If they do not, go back to step 2.
    4. Wipe the water from the hot pan carefully with a paper towel, for example.
    5. If you want to fry with fat/oil, now add some to the pan.
        Otherwise continue with step 6.
    6. Add the food to be fried (should not be salted).
    7. Everything now sticks fast to the stainless steel? Simply wait.
        After ca. 2 - 3 minutes the fried food will detach itself from the bottom of the pan without burning.
        You can check this by carefully lifting up an edge of the fried food.
    8. Turn the food you are frying and start again at step 6. You can now salt the food you are frying.
    9. If you do not want the meat medium, leave it in the pan a little longer.
        The meat now is crispy outside and juicy inside.

    A steak is different from fried egg,
    quick browning


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