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    Pressure Cookers - Fissler

    Enjoy cooking with pressure cookers of modern and extraordinary design.

    The Fissler pressure cooker series vitavit® edition, vitavit® premium and vitavit® comfort are convincing, due to easy, comfortable and exclusive functions, indispensable in any kitchen.

    Here you will find informations about pressure cooking.

    The principle of pressure cooking

    It's a familiar problem: On the one hand, you always have too little time; on the other hand, you want to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family. And you want them to be delicious, too, of course. You can master this balancing act easily - with a pressure cooker! Whether you are preparing tender vegetables or nourishing soups, stewed meat or hearty stews -  in the pressure cooker or the pressure skillet, your very best recipes will be cooked to perfection - and the variations are unlimited.

      Saving time. Cooking with a pressure cooker or a pressure skillet takes much less time than conventional cooking methods. This is because the high pressure that builds up in the tightly closed pressure cooker raises the boiling point of water. So you can cook at high temperatures of 110 to 116 °C - optimal conditions for reducing the cooking time by as much as 70 percent!

    Serving more vitamins! As a result of the short cooking times and gentle cooking method, with the oxygen expelled the pressure cooker preserves more of the vitamins and minerals.
      Saving energy! Pressure cookers use energy much more efficiently than conventional pots. As a result of the shortened cooking times, the energy used can be reduced by as much as 50 percent.

      Easy to clean. All Fissler pressure cookers are easy to clean.

    The facts in headwords:
    Positioning aid
    Smooth running closure
    Innovative security system
    CookStar all-stove base (suitable for induction stoves)
    Filling level indicator (min/max)
    3 years warranty
    ■ 10 years availability guarantee