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    Fissler vitavit® edition design

    If you're looking for something special for cooking, you will find in Fissler vitavit® edition the perfect pressure cooker. Unique design and outstanding ease of use make the top of the line of the Fissler vitavit® ideal for the use in the modern kitchen.

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    Fissler vitavit® edition design pressure cooker series

    With the vitavit® edition series you will experience quick cooking in a brand new way, namely a very comfortable and exceptionally beautiful one. An integrated steam cooking function and the comfort steam exhaust function make each device a valuable helper in your kitchen. With clear, uncluttered lines, the vitavit® edition also fits perfectly into your well-appointed kitchen.

      A class of its own. 
      Unique design. The pressure cooker series vitavit® edition is a highlight in every noble, carefully equipped kitchen. The youngest member of the Fissler vitavit® family impresses with its unusual design, in which mainly the grip elements rely new accents.
      Steam without pressure. The pressure cooker vitavit® edition features an integrated steam cooking setting which does not require any pressure. So even the most delicate ingredients succeed perfectly. An additional food steamer is superfluous.

    Comfortable, smooth regulation of steam exhaust function. The new comfort exhaust steam function allows you to adjust the evaporation extremely comfortable and finely.
      Simple traffic-light system. Thanks to the new color display of the cooking process is easy to control. Yellow = the stove can be turned down. Green = the set temperature is reached and the cooking time begins. Red = the temperature is too high.

    Three cooking levels. Besides the two usual cooking levels (gentle and fast) the pressure cooker vitavit® edition has an innovative steam cooking. It works without pressure, looking into it, stirring and seasoning is possible at any time.
      High quality accessories included. The pressure cookers series vitavit® edition are not only equipped with the electronic cooking assistant vitacontrol®. Also included is the perforated steamer with practical tripod stand.


    easy to clean (removable handle and cook valve) and dishwasher safe
    innovative security system
    positioning aid
    smooth running closure
    automatic locking
    lock indicator
    cook display with traffic light function
    adjustable cooking levels
    CookStar universal base (suitable for induction)
    graduated scale (liters) and level indicator (min/max)
    steam without pressure
    adjustable steam discharge
    10 year parts warranty