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    Roasters and Stewpots

    Whether for roasting meat or poultry, for steaming fish, or for delicious casseroles, Fissler roasters, stewpots or cocottes (French) can be used to prepare an incredibly large variety of delicious dishes. There are Fissler roasters for any use and in various shapes and sizes, made of stainless steel, cast iron and include nonstick sealed roasters.

    A roaster or stewpot is an all-rounder for frying, stewing and scalloping in the baking oven or on a cooktop. In principle it is a combination of a pan and a (low) cooking pot. Roasters usually have an oval or round shape, with lid. However, also rectangular roasters with a large bottom are available, for large roasts such as broiler, roast duck, roast goose, or turkey.

    Perfect frying for gourmets. The Fissler roasters and stewpots.

    As individual as you. Our roasters. Find the line that suits you best. The Fissler stainless steel roasters, cast iron roasters or nonstick sealed roasters enable extremely practical frying. The high-quality material has high heat properties and enable perfect frying, steaming, stewing and much more.