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    KAI Shop - Japanese Knives

    The pleasure of perfect cooking requires the appropriate knife. For this reason we offer the Japanese knives of KAI. These knives series are beautifully designed and particularly functional. They combine perfect design and modern technique with the Oriental food culture. Besides the KAI knives convince by their excellent value for money.

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    Fashion, lifestyle, media world – Japan is ahead of time. Whatever is going to develop, Tokyo already has it. Japanese products are also in great demand around the world. The Far Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and function combined with convincing quality leads to a magic formula of a great number of popular lifestyle products.

    Kai products have long had cult status in Japan with an unmistakable degree of recognition. Founded in Seki in 1908, the company has for 100 years developed and sold cutlery and related products of excellent sharpness and function. One of the company’s specialities are Japanese chef’s knives of outstanding quality and origins. The common denominator is based on the centuries old art of Japanese Samurai sword forging. Technical innovations and the constant drive for aesthetic design give Kai chef’s knives their unmistakable and global recognition.

    The Kai Group is based in Tokyo with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Portland/USA and Solingen/Germany. The company employs more than 1.000 staff worldwide.

    Japan is known for its versatile culture, economy and history. Thinking about Japanese cuisine inevitably leads to the world-famous Sushi and with it a very distinct image: rice and raw fish are indispensable ingredients. The Japanese love fresh ingredients and are adverse to long cooking times; they prefer the natural taste.

    Each Japanese region has its own culinary specialties. Owing to centuries of isolation, the Japanese have learned to perfect seasonal cuisine and to make the most of local ingredients. Apart from fresh ingredients the aesthetic presentation of food is of outstanding importance. Even the smallest culinary delights are artfully prepared. The Japanese think holistically, thus cooking, art and philosophy are inseparable. The right choice of knife is an essential part of the joy of cooking.