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    KENWOOD Küchenmaschine Major & Chef

    Thank the ultimate in kitchen machines, combined with an extensive range of attachments, the KENWOOD Major (6,4 l max. capacity) and Chef (4,3 l. max capacity) have a leading position in the market.

    The series Major and Chef are produced in the equipment lines Titanium, Premier and Classic.

    The premium line Titanium has 4 motor outlets, for all kind of attachments. As Titanium Timer, the machine includes also an integrated digital timer.

    The line Premier impacts not just for the beautifull design, but also has a powerfull motor and includes 3 motor outlets.

    The line Classic has, as its name says, a classic design, and high versatility. The Kenwood bowl tools move in a planetary way. This means that, while the beater is revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction, making sure all the mixture is picked up from around the bowl, resulting in perfect and thorough mixing.

    As a masterpiece and the most optimal cooking aid arises the food processor Cooking Chef, using induction technology and being characterized by a safe and energy-saving cooking. Combined with the automatic stirring function, you are optimally supported in realizing simple and complex recipes.

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    Planetary action and tool outlet
    The microprocessor control allows the motor speed in all stages giving the optimal power for stirring, kneading and mixing. By the Planetary stirring system, the bowl tools rotate around its own axis and are guided along the whole bowl. Thus small quantities are processed as good as heavy doughs.

    High-speed outlet
    High speeds are necessary for the good performance of the liquidiser, slicer, centrifugal juicer, herb and spice mill and citric juicer.

    Low-speed outlet
    High power with low speed make possible the good performance of  the grain mill,  food mincer, roto food cutter, fruit press, pasta maker and pasta roller

    Multi-Pro outlet for Titanium models
    Optimal results by middle speed and power for the slicer and grater