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    POTT Knife Series Sarah Wiener

    Made by hand is best. This is valid for sliced cabbage as it is for knives. No wonder that Sarah Wiener, who lays stress on fresh ingredients and good preparation, came to Pott with her ideas for knives. Pott not only stands for good design, but also for superior tradition fabrication. Each and every Sarah Wiener knife is produced by Pott in over 90 manual steps. Made of the best materials. In the process Pott follows the same rules as Sarah Wiener does with her cooking.

    The facts in headwords:

    Sarah Wiener, the cook for enduring enjoyment of cooking
    Forged blades, ice-hardened, made of molybdenum-vanadium-steel
    Wide bolster with finger protection
    Handles made of plum wood deriving from sustainable production, hand-oiled
    Polished by hand, extremely sharp - not suitable for dishwasher

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