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    Pro-Balance Shop

    All Pro-Balance knives are made of one single piece. They are of high quality and easy to maintain. Pro-Balance knives are made of ice-hardened Japanese stainless steel. The Pro-Balance blades are heated up to 1.000 degrees Celsius and then cooled down by using liquid nitrogen wich is under - 185 degrees Celsius. This hardening process, also known as the Sub-Zero treatment, can significantly enhance metal cell structures, giving the Pro-Balance knives superior strength, temperature resistance and hardness.

    Weight and balance of the Pro-Balance knives can be adjusted according to individual preference. The adjustment can easily be carried through by the exchange of different small weights in the inside of knife handle. A set of weights and a corresponding screw-wrench are delivered with each set. No other knife on the market has this unique mechanism. This unique system renders work with the Pro-Balance knives very comfortable.

    The different models have individual colour codes for differentiation at the end of the handle. Thus the knife required can easily be chosen (particularly when stored in a knife block).

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    The combination of noble design, ingenious function and tested quality make the basis for numerous design awards and prizes. Pro-Balance has got following awards for its knives: the iF Product Design Awardreddot-Design Prize and the award for the Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2011 ("KüchenInnovation des Jahres 2011").



    Instructions for individual change of the balance of Pro-Balance knives:


    1. Unscrew the handle cap (counter clockwise)

      2. Take out plastic tube.
      3. Unscrew old adjustment weight (counter clockwise).
      4. Screw desired adjustment weight (clockwise).
      5. Put back plastic tube..
      6. Screw the cap tight (clockwise).