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    Staub Wok pan 30,0 cm, 4,4 l, cherry, with glass lid, suitable for induction 40511-345-0 (H.Nr. 1312906)


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    Staub Wok pan 30,0 cm, 4,4 l, cherry, with glass lid, suitable for induction 40511-345-0 (H.Nr. 1312906)

    The Staub wok pan, cast iron, 30,0 cm, cherry, with glass lid, can be used manifold: for frying, braising, deep-frying and stewing. The Staub wok pan 30,0 cm, cherry, is suitable for all kinds of stoves, including induction. Woks made of cast iron keep the heat perfectly, and thus food remains warm particuarly long. The high-class, healthy and safe material enablex a unique experience for the palate.

    Woks emerged in Asia more than 2,000 years ago. Their main benefit lay in their bowl shape which made it possible to cook food over a small heat source. Today, woks have become a staple in kitchens throughout the world. The Staub cast iron wok excels in redistributing heat quickly and its flat bottom adds stability making it easy to use on all cook tops, including induction.

    Primarily known for quick meals, the wok’s versatility makes it perfect for a wide assortment of cooking methods:
    Frying (cooking in oil), sautéing (stir frying very rapidly in little oil), braising (cooking large pieces of meat on low heat after browning), stewing (slow cooking on low heat), boiling (cooking in a boiling liquid), steaming (cooking with steam).

    Cooking over very high heat makes it possible to sear vegetables, meat and fish quickly to keep flavours and nutritive qualities intact. The tapered shape of a wok reduces the amount of cooking oil required, meeting the needs of low-calorie diets.


    - enamelled cast iron
    - ideal for roasting and browning
    - for all heat sources, including induction
    - ideal for taking from oven to dining table
    - Ø 30 cm
    - capacity: 4,4 l
    - colour: cherry

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