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    Staub Wok pan AUTHENTIC, 37,0 cm, 5,7 l, black, with glass lid, suitable for induction (H.Nr. 1313923)


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    Staub Wok pan AUTHENTIC, 37,0 cm, 5,7 l, black, with glass lid, suitable for induction (H.Nr. 1313923)
    The Staub wok pan AUTHENTIC, 37,0 cm, black, with glass lid and 2 handles, enables to cook with pleasure. The wok pan has a capacity of 5,7 l. 

    The wok was invented in rural regions of Asia, about 2.000 years ago. Its main advantage is the hemisphere shape, which enables to prepare all foodstuffs gently.

    Nowadays it is unimaginable to do without a wok. The Asian wok has a flat bottom, and it is apt for all kinds of stoves, including induction. A wok is ideal for a healthy, tasteful cuisine and enables to prepare a multitude of delicious dishes. The short cooking time with strong heat is typical. Vegetables, meat and fish are roasted quickly. So they keep their full taste and nutrient values. 

    Due to the easy handling, a wok can be used for many ways of preparation. Long stewing with low heat, frying in oil, rapid roasting with a bit of oil and mixing  the ingredients at the same time, cooking, steaming etc. Due to the broadened shape, only very few oil is required for cooking. Thus also light dishes can easily be prepared.

    The delivery of the Staub wok pan AUTHENTIC comprises chopsticks, a stir spoon and a tempura grid for separating or draining of the ingredients.

    As all products of Staub, the wok pan is produced in their production plants.


    - Sturdy and acid-resistant enamel inside and outside
    - Ideal for roasting
    - Optimal for the gentle preparation of Asian dishes
    - Keeps the food warm
    - Apt for serving at the table
    - Easy cleaning and dishwasher-safe
    - For all kinds of stoves, including induction 
    - Appropriate for baking oven and grill
    - Oven-safe lid knob, heat-resistant up to 200 ° C
    - Perfect distribution of the heat
    - Without edge between bottom and rim
    - Handles do not get hot
    - Healthy steaming, stewing and cooking
    - Capacity: 5,7 l
    - Colour: black

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